Home Design

Are you building a new home? I am a graduate of the Interior Design Institute where I learned all about designing an efficient and functional home. My specialties are limitless, from architectural coherence to spatial design and planning.

Color Expertise

As a lifelong artist my gift of color is definitely my strength. I have worked in retail paint departments where I learned about paint quality and choosing the right sheen for your room. Together we can take your home furnishings and accentuate them with a new and trending color scheme that can change the ambiance instantly.

Fixtures and Furnishings

Your ideas can be made real by replacing all or just a few pieces of furniture. If it's time for an update together we can find the look that you will enjoy coming home to.

It's About You

As a professional designer I want you to know that it's your home, your kitchen, your bedroom that you want changed. Five times in the last sentence I used you/your because that's what's important. I'm only there to assist you in the decision making process. When we're finished with your project it's you that walks through the threshold everyday to see the changes, not me. I want your environment to not only embody your personality but also to make you smile every time you come home.

It's a process that takes some time and a second set of eyes and ears to make the outcome complete.


Hiring a Designer

If you've never looked into hiring a designer because you are worried about the cost, I can tell you that it's more expensive and time consuming making a mistake, like choosing the wrong flooring or returning to the paint store six times for a color sample, than it is hiring a professional designer. My first consultation is free. During that meeting I get to listen to you tell me about your ideas, goals and your budget. These three things are important steps in the beginning process of your project. After we've talked, and if you feel that we can work together, then we will begin the exciting venture of making your dream a reality.