My Philosophy

Interior Design is all about the client. Although I bring experience and expertise to the project, it's you that will enjoy the outcome of our teamwork. I will be honest with you about choices, balance and harmony however, you make the final decision. My desire is to add expert advice that will help make your design personal.

With a passion for textures and color I have entered into the field of Interior Design as an extension of my love for home. I have always had a personal space in my homes that gives me a sense of pride and unique character. It's a joy for me to help others find their own style and make their personal space a reflection of their heart and souls.


Laura A Harper


I have lived in nine different homes in four states, each home having a different design style. I've lived in Tudors, Traditional, French Country, Southwest Stucco and today I live in a Geodesic Dome. My attempts at making the inside decor flow with the style of the house was always my goal. That said, I found out what mistakes I made as well as quick fixes for them to feel complete.

I love my family treasures as well as my new functional furniture and the great found pieces that I've transformed into that "one thing that completes my room." In my decorating I have never denied myself of the hunt for that unique piece that brings it's own story to my home.