I love Man Caves

Beautiful deck that adds entertaining space

I have included in my gallery several pictures of the notorious Man Cave. Most of the pictures I included came from Pinterest of other ideas to make the getaway special. I produced a design that I have featured a cave from a Lowe’s shed. The retail price of the shed is $1899.00 and is an engineered wood siding ready to be painted. I chose this shed because of it’s size and how much space it has after you have added seating and other amenities. This is only one idea that I’ve put together that’s why I added others.

As you can see there are endless options for your personal space. Of course I don’t want to skip over the “She Shed”!! The women who want to get away and read, write, sew or have an art studio, this is a perfect idea.

I see these as adult playhouses that can expand into your yard with a deck or rock patio. Add an outdoor kitchen, fire pit and outdoor seating when the party gets bigger. There are refrigerators and ice makers that only require an electric plug-in.

Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays and just because I love you days give you the chance to gift a special place for the ones you love.

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