Let’s Talk About a Coffee Bar

Coffee Bar

Let’s talk about some additional storage for the popular Coffee Bar! Take stroll through your house, tap into your imagination and find a place for a coffee or tea bar. Perhaps it’s in your kitchen or maybe in your bedroom! Love the smell of coffee in the morning? Well what better way to wake up than the soft gurgling of a coffee maker preparing your favorite morning beverage? This new accessory can wake up two of your senses. However if you need repeated blows to your body just to wake up this might not wake your body to plant those feet on the floor!

What a luxury to have a chair or chaise lounge in your bedroom to sit and enjoy that first cup. Even a patio leading from your bedroom would be a little piece of Heaven for your early morning enjoyment. In the kitchen I have designed an area using a Hoosier cupboard for the station. You can also purchase a mini ice maker from Houzz.com to make some iced coffee for the afternoon! There’s so many coffee houses that we visit before we arrive at work, why not save those extra bucks and design a special place for your personal “Javaland”!!

Don’t forget about the jar for your $5 that you save by having your coffee before you take off for work!

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