Let’s Transform Your Home Into Something New

Hello! I’m Laura and I’m currently living in Crestline, California transforming my own new house.

We all have spaces in our homes, townhouses and apartments that have a “been used” feeling. Look around, how long have you lived with the color of your walls, the same furniture and the same photo arrangements? It’s amazing what a little change can do to make the space feel new again!

I have moved into nine, that’s 9, homes which doesn’t include the apartments, during my 50-something years, each one very different. I have lived in a traditional ranch, a French tudor, a farmhouse style, a very large European tudor, a California stucco that was one of only five designs in the neighborhood, a classic ranch that inside had a European Cottage flair to it and finally my current home, a geodesic dome at the top of a mountain. If I’ve learned anything from all of the moves I’ve learned to be creative and found beautiful pieces that gave the current home the appropriate look inside that you saw outside.

Another part of the joy with all of my homes was “the find”. I have found beautiful pieces of furniture and accessories from reclaimed furniture in warehouses, estate sales, antique shops, friends moving and the Salvation Army. What I’m saying is that the shows that you watch on tv that show you how to change a piece of furniture with a little paint, the process can be fun and rewarding. I also have several new pieces that I just couldn’t pass up.

As I share my experiences with you I would like to invite you to either post a problem spot or talk to me about coming to your home to work with you as a professional interior designer. I hope you enjoy my experiences and ideas as you find this blog as a go to for inspiration.


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